M² Construct

The M² Construct is a test metaverse designed to facilitate fast iteration, exploration, and learning within the M² ecosystem. Serving as a sandbox environment, the Construct allows the M² community and interested development teams to experiment and refine M²’s capabilities, including MML and, eventually, the World Builder.

As a non-commercial, exploratory space, the Construct provides a low-risk environment for testing new ideas and features without affecting the development of commercial metaverses. It also serves as a gathering place for the M² community, enabling social interaction, collaboration, and experimentation using the latest M² technology.

The primary objectives of the Construct are:

  • To provide a low-stakes environment for technical and experiential experimentation.

  • To enable the M² community to gather and collaborate using M² technology and tools.

  • To offer a platform for learning, testing, and refining M² capabilities, such as MML and World Builder.

  • To serve as a ‘testnet’ for M², enabling a high-velocity, iterative development process.

Components of the Construct

The M² Construct comprises several interconnected spaces designed for learning, experimentation, and social interaction.

The Construct Hub

The Construct Hub is a single, persistent community space that acts as the central meeting point for the Construct. It features different themed regions designed and built using the M² World Builder and Showcase framework. The Hub is continually updated and expanded, offering a dynamic and evolving environment for the community.

FTUE Onboarding Area

The FTUE (First Time User Experience) Onboarding Area is designed to help newcomers learn the basics of navigating and using the Construct. This includes controls, accessing their collection, and spawning MML objects. Once users complete the onboarding process, they gain access to the Central Plaza and Sandbox.

Creator Sandbox

The Creator Sandbox is a dedicated space within the Construct where users can create and spawn MML objects. These objects are regularly removed to maintain a clean environment for testing and experimentation. The Sandbox features loose permissions, allowing users to freely explore the possibilities of M²'s creation tools.

Central Plaza

As the default entry point, the Central Plaza acts as a meeting spot and hub for social play. It hosts curated MML objects created by the M² community and development team. The Plaza features tighter permissions, ensuring a stable and interactive environment for users.

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