M² Cross Metaversal Services

Digital assets currently exist on a spectrum between being platform-locked (for instance, a Fortnite skin) or lacking in experiential utility (like a 2D JPEG). Our goal is to create digital assets that can freely move across platforms while maintaining utility and functionality within those platforms. Imagine catching a digital baseball at a tournament, getting it signed by a star player, and then taking it to another experience to show your friends.

We are building key services to facilitate robust cross-metaverse object economies. These will be trusted by creators, businesses, and users.

We’re currently incubating solutions for the following problems:

Off-chain Object Services

The below services will enable interoperable objects to be created and enable them to be used across many metaverse experiences.

  • Permissioned Object Storage - allowing the hosting of content with creator rights to choose who and where content can appear.

  • Content proxy & cache - Caching and proxy service for objects ensuring content can be load-balanced and anonymised.

  • Optimization - allowing experiences to ingest content that is high performance and doesn’t degrade the user experience and broaden the reach of creators who can make metaverse-ready content.

  • Moderation - classifying metaversal objects so that experiences can choose what content they allow in their world.

  • Object Execution - providing a trusted environment for the execution of dynamic metaversal objects that can be used across multiple experiences.

Deep dives on these services can be found here.

On-chain protocols

The below services will allow objects to be linked to on-chain records and give properties to things, places and people. For these services, we are currently looking at the broader ecosystem for ways we can partner/execute.

  • NFT Extension (Object Protocol) - how to take existing immutable NFTs and extend them with new properties, such as all owners now also having interoperable 3D avatars related to them.

  • Attestations (Attestation protocol) - enabling network participants to attest to facts about an object, person or place (e.g. a celebrity autographs a baseball, a KYC provider verifies an identity).

Deep dives on these protocols can be found here.

Identity services and protocols

We are still exploring potential implementations for identity, entitlements, and social systems that will allow users to unify their digital assets and social graph, enabling them to bring themselves, their things, and their friends across any M² experience.

These services will be generally available for use - offering a composable way to implement all sorts of cross-metaversal economic models. Specifically, for our partner M² metaverses, these services will be required to publish content. This is to provide appropriate protections, safety, and control for their creators, consumers, and businesses.

We’re taking a pragmatic approach to their implementation. While they are likely to start centralized, they are designed to allow for federation as the implementations mature. We will be embracing web3 technology as appropriate and are looking to see new on-chain protocols developed to support them. They will either be leveraging existing open standards or building out new ones.

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