Roadmap May Change 🙂

This roadmap shows what has been completed, what's coming next and what's a bit later in the pipeline. The roadmap may change. Chat with us on the M² Discord if you are working on a project that needs these features by a specific date. We will be adding more information about the items as the project evolves. Stay tuned!

The roadmap is split into streams:

MML - All things to do with the MML language, Engine plugins and Toolchain.

M² Origin - Everything to do with the platform that enables high-density crowd experiences.

Morpheus Core - Changes to Morpheus parts of the World Engine.

Example Content - Content for examples to show how to use MML and The Construct.

Cross Metaverse Services - Tech and standards that allow for objects and identities to move across the network.

  • MML

    • Open Source MML - MML v0.1 release enabling you to create cross-metaverse objects using web standards.

  • Origin

    • web2 + web3 user accounts - supports single sign-on(SSO) with crypto wallets: MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and Wallet Connect in addition to email and Google SSO.

    • Cloud Streaming - Players can immediately jump into the action and enjoy the game with a link through PC and mobile client streaming.

    • UE5 World Builder - The Morpheus World Builder serves as a comprehensive solution for M² experience creation. It comprises an Unreal 5.1.0 editor equipped with a Morpheus plugin.

  • Example Content

    • The Construct - Construct is our "test metaverse". This will be a place we meet, a way for you to see MML objects in a metaverse and a testbed for new M² tech.

  • Morpheus Core

    • 20,000 players in experience - Morpheus crowd experience enables a massive group of players to participate in the same event. They can see and hear every other player.

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