M² Network

The foundation of the metaverse

Each metaverse consists of three critical elements: virtual places or spaces, digital objects and goods (‘things’), and people. These elements work together to create an immersive user experience, a metaverse.

M² enables a seamless network of metaverses, allowing users to traverse different metaverses while maintaining their digital identity (avatar) but also, crucially, for the properties and meaning of metaversal objects to move between metaverses. The network facilitates social interaction, community development, and commercial activity within a secure environment.

In the inner layer of the network, there are the Cross-Metaverse services that enable:

  • A unified identity system across all metaverses.

  • Consistent storage and retrieval of objects for metaverses.

  • Computation for consistent object behavior across metaverses.

At the core of the network, there is the protocol. This protocol stores the canonical view of all places, people, and objects and encodes data movement and permissions across the network.

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