New Experiences For Users

Driving early adoption

The M² Network s still in its early stages and requires a strong focus on driving initial user adoption. To achieve this, The M² project is providing technology for innovative and immersive experiences that go beyond traditional offerings as a primary draw for joining the network now.

Metaverse experiences are limited by ‘operations per second’ (OPS) – the amount of information that can flow through a world at one time. This is why experiences like digital concerts have only a handful of attendees in the digital world and thousands in the real world.

M² Origin overcomes this limit by providing a comprehensive technology solution powered by a unique tech stack developed and tested over several years and now exclusively available to network participants. This includes AI-based bandwidth optimization, advanced distributed networking, and rendering plugins for major game engines, enabling billions of OPS. This level of performance vastly surpasses the limited capacity of thousands of OPS in most current virtual experiences.

M² Origin experiences have key advantages:

  • Tens of thousands of people in one place at the same time.

  • Real-time physics involving numerous objects.

  • Rendering different-looking characters simultaneously on screen, even on mobile devices. Even where these characters and objects have extremely distinct geometry and textures and need to be rendered at great distances.

  • Thousands of distinct voices in spatial audio for immersive communication. This allows for both crowd experiences and voice-based activities.

This ultimately enables breakthrough experiences that have never been achieved before and which are specifically relevant to what we see as the main early adopters of the metaverse, developers looking to create social and cultural experiences that connect with the real world.

In addition, the M² Origin also contains infrastructure which allows for easy distribution of experiences accessible by anyone with an internet connection through cloud streaming technology or allows for downloadable clients that use comparable bandwidth to a normal online game growing the reach of experiences built on this platform to anywhere with a mobile phone and an internet connection.

These breakthrough experiences are made easier to build by the World Builder. The World Builder will be freely provided to metaverse owners, driving network adoption and simplifying experience authoring using Morpheus’s capabilities.

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