M² Origin, M² platform, Origin, Morpheus Platform

The platform containing Morpheus enabling high scale social metaversal experiences.

M² network, the network

The name for the collection of metaverses and the M² Cross Metaversal Services and Protocol that enable such metaverses to interoperate and collaborate.

M² project

The name of the endeavor.

M² ecosystem

The collection of: (i) the M² Technology; (ii) the non-M² technologies used in connection with the M² project (for example MML); (iii) the services; and (iv) the participants that are part of the M² project.

M² technology / M² components

Means: (i) the M² Platform; (ii) the M² Network and (iii) potential future technology encompassing the M² project that are part of the M² ecosystem.

M² Participants, participants

The participants who are part of the M² ecosystem and use the technology. Examples are Metaverse owners, Creators, Users and Service providers.

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