Access to technology and tools

Experimenting with Morpheus and MML

Concurrent with the launch of this Codex, we are open-sourcing MML, establishing a Discord community and merit system for early contributors and enabling a free space, the Construct, to experiment and publish content.

Any builder can gain access to the Construct space by joining the discord community, attending events and accessing the open tools.

In addition, the Improbable and other members of the M² community are regularly launching events, so far roughly weekly, to experiment with different content ideas and partners. One goal of these events is to highlight community content. The Discord and merit system will be the initial tools we use to highlight great contributions and projects.

Becoming a Metaverse Owner

We and other network contributors are seeking partnerships with businesses and organizations that envision building metaversal platforms, empowering creators, or developing proprietary content who are excited about the idea of creating shared value between platforms.

As revealed during this launch and in the following weeks, several early-adopting businesses are already building metaverses on the M² Platform in collaboration with Improbable. We are excited to extend this program to other brands and companies interested in building on the network. During this phase, prior to open access and considering the larger scope of creating a metaverse (as opposed to experimenting with individual content pieces), the most effective way to gain early access is to directly approach us via the M² website or by reaching out to Improbable.

At this stage, our primary focus for the metaverse slots set aside for early adopters is to collaborate with partners who have large existing user communities, thriving web3 projects, or established real-world brands. We believe that groups with extensive communities will greatly benefit from the advantages and incentives of becoming early metaverse owners. As we progress and gain more confidence, we will lower the barrier for entry here.

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